We believe the furture is for the children, We believe in gender equality in education and We  believe the future of the world lies in codes and is digital.


The different experiences and impact our clients have.

"I had given up on why I gave birth to my children in this part of the world. But I change that thought when my children started the summer program, my children have never been able to concentrate to do a thing but during this summer program I saw them working so hard to focus and do their project. Image the shock I had when I woke up one night to see them on the computer seriously working on a game they were to present."

"During the summer program I saw the creativity of the children unravel and they doing beyond they taught they could do, the spirit of teamwork became a part of them in the course of the summer. Because when they first came to us they all didn't believe they needed each other to be a part of something great and do something mind blowing, they didn't believe they could be given a task to do within a short time and do it very well. I believe that just like these children, every child has a great island of creativity and potential waiting to be found."

"The introduction to coding and Robotics has opened my imagination to the fact that I can make anything I think of possible, like I made my own games, told my stories in the form of cartoons , I learnt how to build a robot and that's nice"

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