SOPARKIDS (School of Programming and Robotics for Kids) is an initiative borne out of the need to bridge the gap in computer science education to introduce African children and young girls to the new and fast growing technology of coding and robotics and also trying to achieve the 14th SDG goal which is digital skill awareness. Therefore creating a platform for children, girls and youths to meet, learn, be exposed to new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) , digital skills trends and also have fun while at it. At soparkids we teach children and young girls the fundamentals of coding, engineering, mathematics, science and technology. We also develop software's and mobile apps. And We train youths in aqcuiring digital skills empower them and improve their business. As with any acquisition of special skills—foreign languages, musical instruments, sports—we believe that the best coders start at an early age boys or girls. Teaching young people to code and use digital skills transforms them from passive users to technological innovators. We believe that every African child can code once they have been given an awareness and opportunity to do so..

Our Vision

To empower and expose African children to be fluent in the new language of coding to stir up the creativity in them to design tools that can help make Africa better. And also to Digitalize the youths in africa helping to learn how to improve their skills and untilizie the opportunities in the digital world.

Our Mission

To reach 5000 children every year introducing them to computer programming and robotics. and also to empower 1000 youth with digital skills every year.

Our Goals

-To rise children who will be the next Bill Gates of Africa.
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Okenwa Ikwan Kevin

Co-founder/ CTO

He is a Software/App developer, Digital Skills For Africa Trainer and teacher of computer programming and Robotic, Certified  in Google Adword and graduate of Mechanical Engineering.

Evelyn Dabonor

Co-founder/ Project Co-ordinator

She is an excellent web designer/ developer, computer programming teacher and advocate, Africa code week ambassdor 2015- till date, Ambassdor Africa Energy program Co-ordinator. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering.