“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

Online Courses

One of the greatest benefits of our online coding courses is that we provide access to expert instructors and mentors who can answer your questions and provide feedback on your progress. You can also connect with other learners in our online community to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

On-site Courses

On-site coding courses provide a hands-on learning experience where students can attend classes in person and learn coding skills in a traditional classroom setting. Our On-site Coding Course is taught by expert instructors who have a deep understanding of programming languages and the latest industry trends.

Summer Camps

Our summer coding program includes many interactive and collaborative elements to keep kids engaged and motivated. Kids will work on coding challenges and group projects with other students in the program, and will receive feedback and guidance from their instructors.


We are reaching out by teaching African Children how to change the world through Technology.


Virtual Summer of Code 2023

These days, it's almost a requirement that kids learn to code in advanced countries. We at SOPARKIDS want to give every Nigerian children the opportunity to learn coding this summer. the three-week summer immersion program can help. Participants will take classes online . Applications have began. So register to book a spot for your child !!!


There are many apps that can help children have better control over their programming skills, and they can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Professional yet simple enough for kids to comprehend, these applications are just what your child needs to level up their having one of the four 21st century skills: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

Taking the Next Step....!!!

Your child will learn the skills and mindsets needed to change the world.

 At Soparkids we take it as a responsible we owe to this generation by equipping our instructors with the latest in STEAM Education with highly trained instructors. We run after-school programs, online private classes, Summer camps, Community based Empowerment programs called GW Tech and more.
STEAM jobs are in demand and an increasing number of careers look for STEAM skills. Studies show that kids decide between ages 7-12 whether they will consider STEAM as a career option.

Workshops Held
Girls Trained


Your testimony is the story  is the key to unlock someone else’s prison. We share the testimony of our parents, students and teachers to encourages ours who have lost hope.

Daniella Emmanuel. Student

"The introduction to coding and Robotics has opened my imagination to the fact that I can make anything I think of possible, like I made my own games, told my stories in the form of cartoons , I learnt how to build a robot and that's nice"

Mrs I. Parent

"I had given up on why I gave birth to my children in this part of the world. But I change that thought when my children started the summer program, my children have never been able to concentrate to do a thing but during this summer program I saw them working so hard to focus and do their project. Image the shock I had when I woke up one night to see them on the computer seriously working on a game they were to present."


"During the summer program I saw the creativity of the children unravel and they doing beyond they taught they could do, the spirit of teamwork became a part of them in the course of the summer. Because when they first came to us they all didn't believe they needed each other to be a part of something great and do something mind blowing, they didn't believe they could be given a task to do within a short time and do it very well. I believe that just like these children, every child has a great island of creativity and potential waiting to be found."

Join Us and Make a Difference

Children and young people from all around the  world from low socio economic and under deserved areas need to be reached with the news of the digital revolution going on, We take this knowledge to empower and expose them to the potentials of what they could do in this changing age.


Watch the video

Saturday Classes are fun filled for the children as they learn how to create and solve problems. When you teach a child why it’s important to solve problems around us, they understand why and find how to create  something to be a solution, this is how innovators are born.

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