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There are many apps that can help children have better control over their programming skills, and they can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Professional yet simple enough for kids to comprehend, these applications are just what your child needs to level up their having one of the four 21st century skills: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. Both STEM and arts knowledge is assessed equitably.


Coding has exploded in recent years, changing from something used in computer games and the occasional electronic device, to something which shapes the way that we live in the modern world.


Looking for an after-school activity your child will love? A new experience that will spark your child’s interest in STEAMbuild skills for the future and be a ton of fun? Don’t miss the Robotics  programs we have!


Now’s the time to give your child an EDGE in STEAM with Electronics. It has be discovered that hands-on Activities is great bring out the creativity of children. We want to explore this wonderful field with your children. Sign them up Now

Game Development & Design

Put your gaming experience and imagination into action, ending up with an original creation that you can take home, play and show to family and friends. This is a class for all abilities and ages.

The fundamentals covered in Video Game Design are a great first step into the world of coding. Students are introduced to object-oriented programming, and a behaviour-based logic system – applying behaviours and attributions, testing, debugging and fine-tuning products – that comprises a core component of computer science and is familiar to any programmer. Our small group sizes with close guidance from tutors mean that students can move at the pace that best suits them while developing their games. This is a rich course and one of our most popular, and many kids take it more than once to take their skills even further.

Introduction to 3D Printing & Modelling

3D-printing is a rapidly emerging technology used for both rapid prototyping (creating prototypes for research and design purposes) and rapid manufacturing (creating the end product that will reach the market). This course will introduce students to the concept of computer-aided design using 3D modeling software


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