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GW Tech

GW Tech Welcome

Thanks for checking us out, Please read about us and all we stand for. It would be nice if you would sponsor a girl for any of our programs. More female representation is needed in the STEM industry.


GW TECH is an initiative of SOPARKIDS International  which is solely focused on reaching out to more women and girls thereby encouraging them to consider courses and careers in ICT and Engineering. We do that  by educating , empowering and mentoring those of them interested in STEM careers. We aim at exposing them through training’s on different ICT courses and digital skills which can be used by those of them in business to take their businesses to the global market.  We seek to fulfill the 4th & 5th SDG goal. 

Watch the video

Feedback video from a Training done During Africa code week supported by eSkills4Girls at Government Girl’s Secondary School, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State.  

Our Driving force


To Empower African Girls and Women with the STEM, Digital and Entrepreneurial skills necessary to take their businesses to the Global Market.


To increase the number of women and girls with STEM,  digital and entrepreneurial literacy as they are less than one percent in my country Nigeria, and that limited the number of woman who can join to equalize  the global workforce.


Our Mission is to reach out to women and Girls in low socio Economic area with this knowledge that’s changing the world as we used to know it. welcoming them to the future and how they can be represented in the STEM industry.