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Robotics for kids

Robotics for kids is a hands-on and fun way for kids to learn STEM concepts by letting them make their own robots. Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the making, programming, and designing of robots. To us parents, the definition sounds too complicated and technical. We can barely imagine and see the benefit of letting our children tinker with any kind of robot kits for kids.

Most of us can’t really say that we have encountered this branch of science in our daily lives, apart from the several Terminator movies we’ve seen. We thought robotics is something that only engineers can do.

Despite this, we still need to refocus ourselves and remember one important point. Although we cannot wrap our heads around robotics and its inner workings, we shouldn’t deprive the generations after ours from understanding and experiencing this technology.

This is especially true today. Educators and toy companies have repackaged robotics into something fun and educational. It is up to us parents to grab the chance of introducing our kids to a technology that can now be taught in the most fun and engaging way.